Skin Care Routine For The Ordinary Girl

Source: Sha Magazine
Source: sha magazine

In this busy world and midst our hectic lives we often forget to take proper care of our skin. Taking care of ourselves, including the skin, should not be something we do every now and then it should be at the very top of our everyday to-do list.
Pretty skin does not only come from great skin products or makeup, it comes from a healthy lifestyle and from taking care of it everyday – all day.
Below you will find a guide to healthy glowing skin that will have you running to the drawers containing all you skin and beauty products.

1. Clean eating

Eating clean can be fatal when wanting to get a pretty glow to your skin. You don’t have to change everything in your current lifestyle but ditching fast food and eating clean will eventually lead to better skin. This does not mean that you can never have a piece of cake or a scoop of ice cream, you just have to be more considerable when eating the not so healthy foods.
So girl, do yourself the favour, it will benefit you in every possible way – not only you skin.

2. Sweat it out

Yes, we know you know it. Working out will improve flawless skin. There really shouldn’t be any excuses for working out. You may be busy, you may not have an hour a day to set aside for a rock hard workout, but you will not become the owner of glowing skin if you do not take some time of to sweat at least a couple of days a week.
By the way, working out does not have to be a burden. Even the most relaxing workout, such as yoga, can be the way to go, though you do need to get in some cardio as well.

3. Your new best friend: water

You probably hear it all the time – drink water, and you should. Water should by now be in hands reach.
Drinking water can somehow be a bit boring at times so to shake it up, try making your own infused water that will have you craving that fluid all the time.
Another aspect of the importance of water for pretty skin is washing you face morning and evening. Washing your face is fatal for taking care of your skin, but do never forget to apply moisture after washing off all the dirt on you face.

4. Beauty sleep

Do we need to tell you this? Should it be a difficult thing to do? No, sleeping is not only important when talking about your skin and you now it. Experts tell us to sleep at least eight hours a night, so girls why not get those great hours of beauty sleep?

5. Pick the right products

Picking the right skin products is not about picking the most expensive ones or picking them on the basis of the brand. When picking the right products you have to have your own skin type in mind: do you have dry skin, oily skin? To make it easy on yourself ask a professional at your local drugstore.

6. Make your own beauty routine

Making a routine will make it a lot easier to help you being good to yourself and your skin. A great way to do your daily routine is to have a morning and evening routine. Having a routine will have you grow accustomed to the idea of carrying for your skin and body and it will become a part of your everyday life.

7. Weekly face cleanse

In extension to having a routine you should also prioritise a weekly face cleanse. This cleanse can either be a homemade avocado mask, a hydrating mask or even a peeling mask – whatever you like, all that matters is that it is on the top of your weekly to do list.

8. Shower products

Talking about skin care it is not only about taking care of your facial skin. The rest of your body also need the caring. This does not have to be hard all you need to do is to incorporate a body scrub when showering and NEVER forget lotion when coming out of the shower!


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