Autumn – Time for Soup

Source: Green Kitchen Stories

October is nearly over and so comes November. The cold weather is smoothly kicking in and what the time for taking care of our immune system is on its peak.
We love everything about autumn; the leaves turning yellow and red, thick sweaters, rainy days and of course great healthy soups.
Are you feeling the cold getting on to you or do you simply just feel like your mood calls for soup? We have selected 8 recipes on delicious soups that is not only meant to keep you warm but are also quite healthy – no excuses!

  1. Thai Chicken and Coconut Soup

This soup will literally have you yearning for those vacations in the Asian parts of the world.

Source: Food & Wine

2. Sweet Potato, Carrot & Red Lentil Soup

This creamy thick soup is the perfect combination of everything good and healthy. Perfect for a cold day.

Source: Green Kitchen Stories

3. Tuscan Bean Soup

Having a hard time to fit in everything that has to be done in a day? Leaving almost no time to prepare a meal? This is your go-to soup! This recipe is only 30 minutes and you will end up with a soup full of taste!

Source: The wanderlust Kitchen

4. Roasted Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Do we even need to tell you why this soup should be on the menu tonight? The title for this recipe does it all – doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t like a creamy soup made of cauliflower and kale?

Source: Dishing Up Dirt

5. Spiced Lentil Soup with Roasted Beets & Delicata Squash

By now, we can all agree that; on a cold day – always make soup.
This recipe is a great one with the aromatic flavours and colour it will leave you very satisfied – we promise!

Source: Produce on Parade

6. Beet Soup with Caraway

Don’t run away because of the colour this soup is absolutely amazing!
Who knew you could do so many great things with beets?

Source: Bon Appetit

7. Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

When in doubt – make tomato soup. You literally can never go wrong with this crazy delicious soup!
It’s creamy, it’s tomato, it’s basil, it’s soup.

Source: Joyful Healthy Eats

8. Warm Almond, Garlic & Parsnip Soup

This slightly sweet soup will not only make you happy, it will have you questioning your existence! You literally won’t believe why you haven’t made it before!

Source: Green Kitchen Stories